Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another cute kid quote

Okay, I've been inspired by my fellow blogger friends who write down the cute things their kids say so they don't forget. So here's another one.

I was in the kitchen making lunch and Tristan and Abby were playing in the living room. The baby started crying and Abby says : "MOM! My sister is crying go get her!"
Me: "She's fine, let me finish lunch, then I will get her and we can all eat together."
Abby: "Tristan, you go get her. She needs milk. You can nurse her for Mommy so she can make lunch."
Tristan: "Abby, boys can't nurse babies. Only girls can nurse babies. Girls make milk, but only when you are a Mommy."
Abby: "Oh! And COWS! Cows make milk too!"


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Chrissy Joy said...

I LOVE IT!!! Aren't kids great!