Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Vintage Loveseat :)

I have been dying to share this Vintage loveseat with you! It was my $50 craigslist find. It's from an estate in Savannah, GA. I can picture it in an old parlour in those big plantation homes with women sipping tea in beautiful, yet uncomfortable dresses. The woodwork is amazing. It had a lot of scuffs on it, but the wood wasn't damaged. So I just used some of my homemade natural woodcleaner and rubbed it a few times and all the scuffs were gone!!! And it has such a nice sheen to it. It was in excellent condition except for the cushions. They were all pilly and the fabric was falling apart. So I went to Costplus/World Market to find an alternative for couch cushions. That is where I found these aqua colored silk floor cushions. You should have seen me in the store right before closing with no children by my side. Sitting on the floor of the store, with a measuring tape, various cushions, my old fabric cushion cover draped over other pillows trying to pair colors together! I probably looked like I was doing a challenge for Design Star! :) I measured them and they fit perfectly on the couch! I was very happy about the find. So what if the pillows cost more than the couch?!?! ;) We have a huge bedroom and this is on a wall in our room next to a bookshelf with a light hanging down by it. It's very pretty at night with just that light on. This is our reading and discussion couch! :) It also serves as a make shift bed for needy toddlers in the middle of the night!
I love being able to stay at home and make my home a warm, loving place that our family wants to be in.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

30 Things about me at 30

1. I just turned 30 and have 3 kids. Still a young mom! :)
2. Going to the grocery store is ALWAYS an adventure.
3. I love to organize
4. But am not that fond of cleaning.
5. I actually enjoy cloth diapering.
6. I love green juice!
7. I hate pulling weeds.
8. Don't like unloading the dishwasher either
9. Haven't scrapbooked in almost a year
10. enjoying making things with my hands
11. Can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a movie
12. Love coffee
13 and going out for mexican food
14. And grateful that there is actually one decent cheap mexican restraunt here in the "south"
15. I really like red wine.
16. Finally got hip and got a facebook account
17. I am notorious for waiting for my gas tank to hit empty before I fill up.
18. I am the coupon queen! And can save a bundle at the grocery store.
19. I have a stockpile of food that I got for next to nothing.
20. I love when the kids are asleep and I can talk uninterrupted with my husband.
21. I love God
22. I have a bunch of random magazine subscriptions that I got for free for taking some surveys and haven't even looked at half of them!
23. I think I am the only person in Jacksonville that makes homemade salsa! And people line up for it! :)
24. Can't remember the last time I printed pictures or did anything with them.
25. I homeschool!
26. I love, love, love to cook and rarely follow a recipe.
27. Baking stresses me out!
28. I am the wife of a hot paramedic!
29. I just got my hair highlighted for the first time in 7 months.
30. I am very simple, and sometimes being simple can actually be complicated! ;) Especially in this day and age!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another cute kid quote

Okay, I've been inspired by my fellow blogger friends who write down the cute things their kids say so they don't forget. So here's another one.

I was in the kitchen making lunch and Tristan and Abby were playing in the living room. The baby started crying and Abby says : "MOM! My sister is crying go get her!"
Me: "She's fine, let me finish lunch, then I will get her and we can all eat together."
Abby: "Tristan, you go get her. She needs milk. You can nurse her for Mommy so she can make lunch."
Tristan: "Abby, boys can't nurse babies. Only girls can nurse babies. Girls make milk, but only when you are a Mommy."
Abby: "Oh! And COWS! Cows make milk too!"


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An Abbyism

Heard while driving home from the store today. In the sunshine state where one afternoon it actually was sunny and not raining!

Abby: " I am going to close my eyes so the sun doesn't see me."
Me: "What do you mean so the sun doesn't see you?"
Abby: "If I close my eyes then I can't see the sun and it will stop looking at me. When it looks at me it hurts my eyes. It needs to stop staring at me, it's way too bright!"