Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Green Baby!

Since Earth Day has come and gone I forgot to mention that I decided to get all tree hugger with Elizabeth! :) So with my third baby I finally got up the nerve to switch to cloth diapers. I am so amazed at how simple they are. Cloth sure has come a long way from scrubbing and swishing in the toilet and hanging to dry on the line in the yard! When I told my mom I switched she said "Ewww... gross" It's not gross at all! Of course I went the more expensive and convenient way by buying the adorable pocket diapers instead of prefolds, pins, covers, etc... These are as simple as disposable and super cute and soft. I love how cushie her bottom feels when I hold her and knowing that she doesn't have any chemicals that come from the diaper filling touching her bottom. I still use disposables for when we are out and at church or at night, but even with doing that I only go through one pack a month. That's one jumbo pack of Luvs at 7.99 a package! So I spend $8 a month on diapers. Not bad on the budget huh?
And if God gives us another baby (GASP!!) then these can just be passed on and I will really get my money's worth! ;)
So here are some photos of the cutie modeling her eco friendly fashion! :)
These were taken when she was 6 months, she is now 9 months. But still cute! :)