Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Past due updates: Disney Vacation

Okay, so I was just informed that I can link all the photos that I put up on facebook, here for those who don't have a facebook account can see. YAY! It is so much easier to post photos on facebook.

So, Disney was fabulous. It was a tight fit in our hotel room but made the family togetherness all that much better. The kids were great, there was hardly a meltdown except for when we were stuck in a thunderstorm on the way to dinner at epcot. Already an hour late from the bus not showing up. Poor Abby is dressed beautifully in a princess dress with a flower in her hair and she is soaked like a drowned rat. We have the girls in the double stroller covered with tarps (sorry no picture of that!) And Tristan shuffling behind us in a big poncho. Abby and the baby were screaming and crying the whole walk there. Fun memories! :)
Our meals were great, there were NO lines at all because everyone was in school (oh the joys of homeschooling) It was a great time had by all. How odd to say that our first family vacation at Disney World (Craziest place on earth) was for the most part calm and relaxing!

So... here are the pictures I posted on facebook.
The Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom and Epcot

The hotel and Downtown Disney

Monday, November 03, 2008

Facebook has stolen me!

I have to apologize for my lack of posting and admit that I got addicted to facebook. Thus the lack of posts on my part. Please forgive me. I love this blog and have some major updating to do. If my teething, crazy walking, getting into everything baby will let me, I will post more... one day! Hugs!