Monday, September 01, 2008

I am still alive!

Today was the second week of school. Yes, it's Labor day and we did school. My poor kids having to do school when other schools are out. But other kids don't get to take a week off of school and go to Disney World the third week of school either!!! :)
We are excited to take our first big family vacation next week.Got a ridiculously amazing deal since everyone is back to school and it's the slow season. All our meals are FREE!!!! Even at the nice fancy restaurants! And the fabulous economic stimulus check footed the whole bill! ;)
So... second week of school. The first week was crazy. We managed to get everything done and meet all our goals, all except the goals of me keeping my house clean. Uggghhh... I am finding a very hard time finding a balance in everything. This year is very difficult because I am teaching 4th grade and my 3yo is too smart for her own good and is really wanting to learn so much. So what started out as singing some songs, and reading some books and very casual fun learning has turned into her wanting me to sit and really teach her with workbooks and all! So it looks like I am going to end up needing to do a pre-k curriculum with her. I was going to save that for next year. Then there is the very mobile baby who should be walking any day now. She loves to destroy everything we are working on. So in the midst of teaching is also lots of training time too. So the kids are having a blast, I am glad to be back on a schedule, but I can't seem to keep up with the rest of the stuff. My sweet husband keeps reminding me "It's only been a week". So if devotions are being done, school is getting completed, the kids are behaving, beds are made, toys are picked up, diapers are washed and I am stuffing healthy food into their mouths, then so what if I have piles of laundry hiding in my bedroom and my bathrooms haven't been cleaned in XXX ?!?!? ;)
So I am sure things will even out this week and I will start to find the balance then we will leave for a crazy week and come back to start all over again!!! :) Life is good.


Victoria said...

Oh Sarah, how I empathize! Although I don't get to start the adventure of homeschooling again for a bit longer, I remember the days of just ONE being homeschooled and I relate. You are a superhero with all you get accomplished! Have you ever logged into or checked out Great community and support there for homeschool moms! :o) And as for the coats - yes, I just need measurements! As long as I have enough fabric, I can do it. Chest, 3/4 length sleeve arms (base of neck to mid-forearm), length (base of neck to below the butt). If you want the arms or length to be longer just take the correlating measurements (to top of hand or to mid-thigh, for example) and just let me know when you order.

Victoria said...

Oh, and I have to say - I LOVE Disney World! I went there when I was a teenager and stayed for 2 weeks with a friend. It was SO much fun! Have a wonderful time! The World Showcase was one of my favorite parts and it will be great for homeschooling.

Chrissy Joy said...

That's so funny we are getting ready to do our first big family vacation too!! San Diego beach!! YAY!! yeah ya know dishes have to be done and people have to eat, but I'm not telling anyone the last time i did a thourough on my floor...sweep up food and spot mop under where everyone eats!! And yeah, laundry...oh and ironing...Yeah, can where clothes from the laundry pile but they can't eat on dirty dishes!!

The Vivian Family said...

I might be alone with 3 young kids but I honestly don't know how you do school at are my hero. HANG IN THERE. I know you can do it.