Saturday, July 26, 2008

The crafting bug

I will update more photos later, but right now allow me to share what I am suddenly excited about...
cute little hair clippies handmade tutus

this was a trial run, I still need to perfect my knots and give it a cleaner look... matching tutu barrettes
baby tutu
I changed my knots on this and the waist looks much cleaner

A few more fun practice tutus for the girls and i will be getting ready to sell these!!! YIPPEEE!!!


The Vivian Family said...

I love all the updates! YAY! The kids look so big and omg you look amazing. Miss you.

Chrissy Joy said...

i guess if you're gonna be selling them you can't share the secret of making the tutus :) miss you guys!

Anonymous said...


how do you do it?

Leigh said...

Those are just darling (almost as cute as the models). Where are you going to sell them at?

Victoria said...

Super cute, Sarah! It seems there is a tutu bug in the air as I am actually fashioning some froo froo soakers with tulle, too.